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Chương 1: About Kilopad

What, Kilopad?

Kilopad ( is the social network of e-books, where people can store, read, and share millions of books, magazines, documents and more.

Why, Kilopad?

Kilopad is to shorten life-cycle of new knowledge. Kilopad makes new knowledge becomes popular faster, helps authors get benefits (mental and physical) quicker. As a result, human is forced to find higher knowledge.

Whom, Kilopad?

  • Readers: Forever storing documents online. Read millions free e-books, magazines, and documents of all types, anytime, anywhere. Get in touch with well-known authors. Share valuable documents and get paid from others.
  • Author: Immediately reach millions readers to measure writings’ success.
  • Business: Quickly publish and get expected revenue with minimum cost.

How, Kilopad?

Kilopad offers following features:

  • Online writing
  • Instant upload and store forever
  • Read anytime, anywhere
  • Share writings, documents with all or selected members
  • Instant sharing to mass social network
  • Comment and express ideas in every book page
  • Self-pricing and sell valuable documents worldwide
  • And more…
Hết Chương 1: About Kilopad
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